If, as if, then: the implications of framing econosociolegal questions as design problems

Mission for the moment from Amanda Perry-Kessaris on Vimeo. My mission for the moment is to approach econosociolegal questions using graphic design processes (thinking-doing) and products (artefacts-experiences). Frame Innovation: create new thinking by design  by Professor of Design Innovation Kees Dorst prompted me to consider this as a 'framing' mission.  A frame is a metaphor, a way of … Continue reading If, as if, then: the implications of framing econosociolegal questions as design problems

Research in Film Awards 2016: the shortlist through a sociolegal lens

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Research in Film Awards 2016 is a treasure trove for sociolegal researchers. My top pick is right at the bottom so scroll on down... https://twitter.com/aperrykessaris/status/783353943577489408 https://twitter.com/aperrykessaris/status/783354865254891521 https://twitter.com/aperrykessaris/status/783356743250313221 https://twitter.com/aperrykessaris/status/783359273799675904 https://twitter.com/aperrykessaris/status/783361459770236929 https://twitter.com/aperrykessaris/status/783362319271231492 https://twitter.com/aperrykessaris/status/783364814143942656  

Sociolegal image-text on the fly

When something I see triggers a sociolegal thought I usually take a photo and tweet it. The tweet text reminds me of the thought that was triggered by the image. All of which goes to my increasing confidence in the idea that images and text are best served together. And hot? So I shall continue to collect … Continue reading Sociolegal image-text on the fly

Categorising visual materials

This experiment follows on from an attempt to visualise sociolegal concepts using found images. Both experiments are part of my research (funded by the Socio-legal Studies Association) into the use of graphic design by civil society actors in relation to econolegal aspects of the current talks between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots regarding possible reunification of the island. My … Continue reading Categorising visual materials

Legal Object Workshop 2017: How to apply

Kent Law School is pleased to offer up to 10 funded places to attend the first Legal Object Workshop at the British Museum (London) on Friday 10 March 2017 10:00 – 16:00. For updated information on the progress of the Workshop please see this page. The workshop is coordinated by Amanda Perry-Kessaris with Lisa Dickson, … Continue reading Legal Object Workshop 2017: How to apply